Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Weekend at Grandma's

Eric and I decided since we hadn't seen my family for a while we would go home to Ely last weekend. I wasn't all that excited for the traveling, but Mia did really well both going to Ely and coming back so that made me VERY happy!

It was another fun and relaxing visit home. My parents had Mia sleep in the room next to them again and got up with her in the mornings so we could sleep in a little bit, which we were much appreciative of! Thanks Mom and Dad! Mia had fun showing Grandpa and Grandma her new trick (crawling, waving, clapping, etc) and exploring a place other then our small apartment, even if it did include a number of bumps and falls.

I always have a good time spending time and visiting with my mom and Eric enjoyed a mountain bike ride with Dad and Seth. We also got to see my Grandpa and Grandma Robertson who live in Ely and my Grandpa even helped me with a few projects I had that involved his nail gun!

As usual, I wasn't very good at pulling out my camera and when I did it was just to take pictures for Mia, but they're pictures nonetheless right?

Now she can crawl away from me when I pull out my camera. lol

Mia clapping! It is so cute when she is in the middle of playing and then will sit up all straight and start clapping intently.

We set Mia on this little rocking chair that my mom has and she loved it! She was making some of the silliest faces. Oh silly Mia! 

I also finally got around to taking a few pictures of Seth for my mom. I posted the rest on my photography blog.


  1. I still need to read your new post...just saw it! We live just two hours from DC (during good traffic hours). Are you coming out here??? Oh, here is another question, ha did you do your blog title font and put up the three separate pictures on your blog header?


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