Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Semester

I have many different things to update everyone on or at least post about, but for once I thought that I would give each update it's own post so I don't end up with a endless novel like usual and that way you can choose for yourself what you care to be updated are welcome!

First thing is first and that is a new and yet another semester for both Eric and I. Unfortunately for Eric I ended up with the easier semester once again. I am going part time again this semester and came to find out that neither of my classes have tests or finals! Who knew there were such classes and why hadn't I found them earlier?!! Needless to say, it's going to be a good semester, especially because one of my classes is being on a research team for Flourishing Families, a longitudinal study involving families from the Seattle and Provo area. What I get to do is watch the clips from interviews between family members and code them for behaviors shown between each person. I did my first coding assignment last week and was a little intimidated of all the different behaviors I have to know and code for but I am excited to learn more! It's also interesting to see how other families interact towards each other, especially between parent and child. 

As for Eric, he is taking 18 credits plus another 6 credits online to finish up before graduation in April. I told him before the semester started that it was nice seeing him during the holidays and I'll see ya at the end of April! lol. Between school, his job, swimming in the mornings and interviewing and searching for a job after graduation I'm lucky to get his full attention for an hour each day! He still manages to be a great dad and husband and do everything I need him to do, plus sometimes pick up my slack...the conclusion...he deserves a nice vacation at the end of all this! (Sadly,when does all the craziness of being busy end and with limited resources aka. money and a baby it will have to be a delayed vacation, but well deserved all the same!)

Mia is only 9 months old and of course not in school, but she enjoys learning new things everyday without the formal setting of a classroom and professor. She now has two top teeth as well as her bottom two, is getting even better at crawling, sitting from standing, is now eating a lot more regular foods, furniture walks and even walks really well with a walker she can hold on to and push along. She is always jabbering, squealing, screaming and smiling/laughing and we just can't get enough of her!!

My favorite kind of gift baskets!! Haha, when I was doing my hair in the bathroom one day Eric knocked on the door and I opened it to Mia sitting in her toy basket. Apparently she really wanted to get in there and was so proud of herself when she got in! I am cracking up even now at her silly faces in these pictures! Plus they are great for showing off her two top teeth!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!!

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  1. Good luck to both of you with a new semester! My sister-in-law actually went to Seattle and did some of those interviews a couple years ago--Roger's wife. Where did you get the background for your blog? I LOVE it!


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