Monday, January 23, 2012

More Project Dreaming and Doing

One thing that I have been trying to do this year is to complete all the things I have bought for projects. I have been really good so far of doing the little things here and there, especially in Mia's room. I have yet to do any of my sewing projects yet, which is what I have the most stuff for. Better plan a sewing day!

Speaking of projects, I've been helping a friend make some things for her apartment, which has been a lot of fun, but it's been making me want to do a few more things to mine. Although, I'm really trying to wait to do anything decoration wise just in case we move at the end of the semester. Anyway, I built same crate shelves for my friend with my Grandpa's nail gun and it's really making me want to get one! I thought I would be satisfied with a drill, but things seem sooooo much easier with a nail gun. (Also maybe because I'm not all that great at using a drill yet either.) So here is another future project I hope to do someday when I get more space, tools and possible a house. (This is the part where Eric rolls his eyes lol)

I love this headboard and the instructions for making it look pretty simple. And nothing is more inviting to me  then a cozy patchwork quilt of the bedspread! I'm really debating this time of buying a patchwork quilt when I do this. I have made a full size quilt before and it's a LOT of sewing squares together and ironing! Really easy, but very time consuming!

As for projects in the works right now. I am planning a baby shower for my sister, Sara! I'm really excited about this and thinks it's all going to come together really well. We are doing a vintage carnival theme. Here is a collage to give you an idea. We even found some great vintage finds at DI the other day that are going to work perfect for the party and then in Sara's baby nursery where she is continuing the theme. If you're in Ely March, 3rd you don't want to miss this party!!
Also as I mentioned earlier I've been helping my friend with things for her apartment. Basically the company has been the best part...she hardly needed the help since she is really creative herself, but I was glad help out! Here is a college I put together for inspiration we used for the nursery for her baby girl. There's a picture of the crate shelves which I duplicated and were really easy!
Is it obvious that I'm a little in love with vintage right now with the pastel colors or coral. yellow and turquoise? Yeah...I thought so :)

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