Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Realitiy

And so it is that all our family and friends have left our new abode and it's back to the grind of real life and getting Mia back to her normal self.

Last week Eric flew to North Carolina for work and my mom came to stay with me a week to help out. In all honesty I could have probably managed the week by myself, but actually having a week with my mom without dilemmas, graduations, moving, or whatever else might bright my family in sounded like it could be a lot of fun and the week did not disappoint! Our daily routine entailed getting up and having a slow and easy morning until Mia would take her morning nap when we would finally get ready for the day, then after lunch we would go shopping, come home for her afternoon nap, watch a chick flick until Mia woke up, have dinner and then go shopping again, come home to put Mia to bed and watch anther chick flick.  Let's also not forget a stop to the Chocolate (a dessert cafe that we loved in Provo and for better or worst they recently opened one just down the street in West Jordan!) Could there be a better girl's week! So as always, I loved having my mom come stay for the week and enjoyed her company and help with Mia as I will admit Mia was trying my patience some of those days.

Also, last week we went down to Provo for Mia's 1 year appointment/shots and that afternoon I watched baby Addi while Sara and Collin went on a date. Which while I'm on the subject, I always advice that new parents take the time to still get out and spend time together, even if it's just to go for a walk! I know it's hard to leave those cute little babies, but it's really important to keep that close relationship with your spouse through a life changing time. That being said I always like to offer to babysit while parents can do this, because I sure appreciated those who were willing to let Eric and I have a little time together, plus it made all the difference while I was going through so many changes in such a short period of time when Mia was born. Anyway, while I was there I was able to captures so adorable pictures of Addi. Some of you might have already seem these pictures on my photography blog, but because they're so cute I'm posting them again!

As for life in the new place, I'm loving the space and the chance to "redecorate" every room. By this I mean taking everything we had in our old apartment and rearranging it in this apartment with a few new touches here and there. The ward is really great as well. We constantly have people in church come up to us and introduce themselves and welcome us to the ward! I love this because I'm not a particular out going person and in those transitional Provo wards newbies kind of get lost in the crowd without much introduction. In fact yesterday I was out in the hall with Mia since she was not having anything to do with sitting through sunday school and a sister from nursery came out and told me I could come join them. Mia of course loved it and was entertained the rest of church. She especially loved their singing time where she would dance to every song. Boy will I love the day I can just leave her in nursery and go to class!

So in summary, life is great! I have my husband back home, a baby who is getting out of "being spoiled by grandma" mode, a clean apartment that is almost fully unpacked and a beautiful, fun summer ahead.

Here's a picture I snagged from Eric's phone of Mia on her Rody. I was informed that it is in fact an alpaca which knowing that makes it look less creepy. Regardless of how it looks Mia loves it! 


  1. glad you are settling in and that you got that time with your mom. How convenient that the Chocolate opened up near you :)

  2. Spending time with Moms are the best! Those pictures of your niece are gorgeous, nice work :)


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