Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photography and Mia

As I mentioned Eric enrolled me in a photography workshop for Mother's Day. It was a 4 hour "Photography for Fun and Profit" class. The workshop was Monday night and I loved every minute of it! The people who did it was a couple here in West Jordan who are professional photographers. The workshop was offered on groupon for $39 when is originally $295! A deal?..I very much think so! I think the groupon is still going on and I plan to take some of their other classes they offer as well so if you have a fancy camera that you don't know how to use (or even in you just have a point and shoot) and want to learn more you can find more info here at Don Polo Photography. The couple teaching it was so honest in sharing what helped their business grow and some tips and secrets to better pictures!

Now I am wanting to practice all the things I've learned so if anyone wants pictures done let me know *hint hint* :)

Still on the subject of photography, this class rekindled my love for taking pictures and so I updated my photography blog. Check it out HERE!

So getting to the subject of Mia, after taking the class I wanted to practice a few things with my camera so I tried to take some pictures of her, but as most toddler's she wasn't really great a sitting still or looking at the camera with her cute smile.

After doing these pictures of Mia it made me realize that I haven't done much updating on Mia! (Besides when I am frustrated with her.) So here are some things about Mia and almost 13 months old...

  • Mia is still not walking as her sole method of transportation. She still prefers crawling and doesn't often walk when we want her to, however, when we aren't paying attention and she is playing she'll walking to and from her toys and sometimes around the room. She thinks she is so sneaky!
  • Mia's favorite words that she is always saying is "Wow", "Whoa", "Hi" and "Dad". "Dad" seems to be her go-to word, especially when I want her to say "Momma".
  • Mia loves playing Peek-a-boo. She puts her hands "somewhat" over her eyes and when we start asking where Mia is she throws them up in the air and smiles!
  • Mia is becoming pickier in what she eats. Most often she will have nothing to do with meats, however, I've sometimes I can be sneaky enough to slip some in. She loves fruit and is our little sweet-aholic.
  • Mia graduated to a toddle carseat! Now she can actually see out of the window and even though life would be much easier with her seat facing forward, I was a got girl and listened to the doctors (which if you ask Eric I never do) and kept it rear facing. Anything to keep my baby safe!
  • Mia still gives kisses generously with mouth fully open and tongue out. They are extremely slobbery to say the least, but she looks so pleased with herself after she have given me one.
  • Mia has moved off of "Cat in the Hat" and is now glued to "Super Why". I usually let her watch it on my kindle up at the counter while I make dinner and I don't hear a peep out of her until the Super Readers have saved the day and she again throws her arms up and shouts with a smile. Maybe watching this show so young will make her read earlier lol. (My way of justifying!)
  • Lastly, Mia attends nursery! Ok so I have to go there with her since she is not old enough, but she loves it and I love it because church is SO MUCH more enjoyable, even if I do miss actually lessons. She's so cute sitting up to the table with the "big kids" and eating snacks and just dancing when they have singing time.


  1. Mia is so beautiful! Great shots.

  2. That's awesome about the photography class. I've been wanting to take one so I can get better (even understand my camera). Also, we'd still love for you to take our pictures. I just need to figure out when we want that. Probably now I'll want to wait until I'm showing more? I dot know. Also, good job on keeping Mia rear facing. I did until Owen was 23 mo. It was super hard and he is definitely happier now, but I thought I should do what was safest for him even if it was hard. Most people just wait for the 20 lb limit. And that's awesome they let you take her into nursery. My ward was super nazis about it and weren't happy when I wanted to sit with him 2 weeks before he turned 18 mo. You're lucky cause those last 3-6 mo are hard waiting for them to go to nursery and get anything out of church. Also, I hope you're still planning on coming to bookclub. I want to see you!


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