Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend was another fun weekend filled with friends and family! After a busy week of continuing to get life into a routine and somewhat back to normal, not to mention trying to get Mia comfortable in her new surroundings I was in need of a serious girls night! My good friend was able to oblige! Her husband, baby and her live in Provo, but were staying in the area for the night so we did what we love best and went and got dessert and chatted. Eric never understands how I can enjoy just chatting with other women, but we women know after spending all day, everyday with small children, talking to another woman is mind therapy and of course just fun! So a big thanks to her for the outing!

Saturday Sara and Collin came and stayed with us for the weekend! I love that we have the space to be able to have people come and stay and actually relax without feeling like we have to get out of the apartment to have some fun. They of course brought that adorable baby of theirs which I again hogged most of the time. I even stole her when they were going to give her a bath and did it myself lol! As much as I love Mia and her growing personality, the baby stage is still one of my favorite stages.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon the guys went golfing and Sara and I relaxed at home. That evening our neighborhood had a BBQ that we went to which was a lot of fun. Everyone was so welcoming and it felt good to be a part of the "fun" neighborhood, which is what our neighborhood is apparently dubbed. Then Sara and I thought for Mother's Day we deserved pedicures so we left the babies with guys and enjoyed an hour of total bliss.

Mother's Day started with frantically getting ready for church and making it on time. The meetings were great, especially when the Priesthood took over all the other classes so all the mothers could go to Relief Society. We went to Collin's grandma's house for dinner and that night our hubbies made of cookies for dessert! To show his appreciation to me, besides telling me constantly, Eric signed me up for a photography class for Mother's Day! He is so sweet in supporting this new found hobby of mine!

Sara, Collin and Addi stayed through Sunday and left Monday. I was sad to see them go since Sara and I always enjoy ourselves even if we are doing nothing (a Robertson trait apparently since our husband hate doing nothing).

All in all is was a fabulous weekend! I am so grateful for  the blessing of being a mom, no matter how taxing sometimes the job can be! I love my little, miss Mia and am grateful for the joy she brings me daily. I can't wait to see what I beautiful young women she grows into. I am also very thankful for my mother. Besides being the best mother who taught me pretty much everything I need to know to be a great mom she is my adviser, confidant, hero and best friend. I don't know what I would ever do without her!! Lastly, I'm thankful for all the other women in my life who are great examples and have taught me so much through life's journey.

And from this great weekend I did not take one picture!! So since I don't like to do posts without any pictures here are some for your viewing pleasure. Mia usually hates having things on her head, but the other day she found Eric's hat and put it on and walked around with it on for at least 30 minutes. It was really cute. My little gangsta!

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