Monday, May 21, 2012

A Year of Homemade Gifts

When it comes to buying "toys" for ourselves the conversation between Eric and I usually evolves into a debate to who's toys cost more. In the process of this conversation Eric on multiple occasions has brought up my sewing machine and crafts. I rebuttal with something along the lines that those are things that I can actually make things with that benefit us or others. Even if that statement did win me the debate, which is normally doesn't, my sewing and crafting has been seriously lacking the last several months!

Anyway, my point to all this is that I want to start putting the things that I have to use, not to mention the next step Eric and I hope to take in "real" life is buying a house. Obviously this is nothing that's going to happen tomorrow or maybe not even within the next year but you have to start somewhere, which for us is saving for a down payment! With all of this said I have been thinking about doing a year of homemade gifts. My sister-in-law did this for Christmas last year which gave me the inspiration. Not only can doing this save a lot of money, but it gives that chance to make gifts personal and makes you put some thought into the gifts, not to mention with pinterest at my fingertips there are SO many cute ideas and inspiration for handcrafted gifts out there!

Some examples...

Adorable Fabric Dollhouse that folds up!
Colorful Painted Wood Bead Necklace
And apparently no more examples because blogger won't let me at the moment!

So I'm running this idea over in my mind and wanted to know what you guys think? Sure it would be more work, but I think more satisfying in the long run. Plus, the fact that I'm thinking about this now gives me plenty of time to plan for Christmas!


  1. great idea! you are so crafty, you could do no wrong.

  2. I think this is SUCH a great idea! I think it would be more satisfying, definitely. It could really expand creativity. You would make the best gifts :) I think making a party out of this would be fun too!

  3. You should do it. I am totally planning on doing it again. I had a ton of fun and it was way more satisfying and fun to see everyone use their gifts I made!

  4. Such a cute idea! I hope you do it so I can see what you come up with! should be fun :)


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