Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Coveted Craft Room (Corner)

For quite some time now I have coveted after a craft room! I've seen them all over pinterest and with every picture of one it made me want one even more! Now that things are settling down a little bit I decided that I was going to do one!

Our third bedroom was were we put all of our moving boxes when we moved in so I could unpack leisurely without boxes everywhere. However, I'm kind of OCD about organizing and putting away things so the room was driving me crazy, plus Eric needed a place to work from home on Fridays. Lo and behold I had an idea! I would clean up the room and Eric and I could both have our separate corners of the room. His side, a nice place to work and my side...my guilt pleasure corner for crafting! Not to mention I was able to put together the whole room for around $120!

Eric's "manly" office corner: I mentioned that he should get a white desk top and a few other things and he made me promise it wouldn't look like the other half of my craft room. So we got this corner desk from IKEA and I just got him some things to help him stay organized and help him when he works from home and does some online classes.

My craft corner!

1. Clipboard inspiration Wall (Walmart -$7.50): I love this idea from pinterest for clipping up pictures or things from articles for future inspiration.
2. Pegboard (Home Depot scrap section $0.51): So handy to have everything hanging up at arms reach when needed. I get a pack of hooks for the pegboard at Walmart for $2.50
Total - $3.01
3. Rocking Chair (Already had): Eric's dad refinished this chair for us when Mia was born and come to find out it works perfect at a desk!
4. Desk (Already had) We had this cheap laminate desk and since we didn't have the budget to buy two new desks I decided to paint this one. It did wonders for making it look better! I used the Martha Stewart Sea Glass paint from a test sample that was $2.50 after painting it with primer for $9.
Total - $11.50
5. Wall Shelf (Ikea 3.50): After looking at how over priced wall shelves are I went to the "As Is" section at Ikea and found this scrap board to a bookcase for $2. The cheapest really wall shelf there was $5 and was half this size! The brackets were also from Ikea for $0.50 each!
6. Accessories: Lamp (Walmart $10), Mason Jars (Already had), baskets (Ikea, already had), paper holders and decorative paper for clipboards (Hobby Lobby, $5)

Total for my craft corner: $30.51


  1. OH MY GOSH. This looks amazing!!! I'm so glad you got your craft corner! You really have an eye for this kind of thing :)

  2. Hanna, you are so talented! Love it! keep posting so i can steal ideas from you :)

  3. I am SO coveting your peg board! Haha! Your craft room is perfect :) Love the attention to detail. I agree with Amanda. Keep posting and then I'll steal ideas from you too!


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