Sunday, May 19, 2013

For the love of weather!

As soon as the sunshine and nice weather decides to make its lovely presents known a cold wind sweeps in and kills all hopes and plans for outdoor activities. This was the case this weekend as we had plans to pack some dinner and drive to the lake in Daybreak for a family outing.

In all honestly, this is actually one of my favorite kinds of weather (minus the wind)...overcast and rainy. The rain makes everything look green and beautiful with that fresh after rain smell in the air. It's times like these that I wish I had a porch and swing to sit on and just enjoy it while I watch my kids play out in the rain. Someday!

Anyway, in loo of the weather we changed plans and instead of the lake Eric took Mia to one of the local rec centers to go swimming while I sat in peace and quiet at home holding this cutie as we both took a much needed nap. 

Then after dinner we opted for roasting the first s'mores of the season...sadly not outside over a campfire, but around our kitchen stove. :)

Now on a completely random note, thanks to all for the advice on potty training! It was very helpful! I think I'll wait just a little longer before starting to make mine and Mia's life a little easier for the present. Now I need some more advice from those of you from the Utah area.

We got tickets to this year's Stadium of Fire for the 4th of July with my parents. I'll admit that I am kind of a fan of Kelly Clarkson. Mia and I are always listening to and singing her songs so when I saw she was going to be performing at Stadium of Fire it was pretty much decided there and then that we were going! It's a little silly how excited I am about it :)

This will be our first year staying here in Utah County for the 4th of July since we usually go home to Ely or Vernal. So for those of you who have spent the 4th here, what are some other fun family things to do in the area?


  1. Oh my goodness look at adorable Livy! Looks like the perfect weekend to me. I too really like the rain. I've been loving the cooler weather.

  2. Greg's family has always done the Provo parade and the fun activities downtown.


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