Friday, May 31, 2013

A Sad Final Goodbye

Well folks the test have been done and it's official...I am severely allergic to peanuts. Sigh. After talking with the doctor I started to realize what a life change this will be for me as I have never had to think or worry about anything like this before and I pretty much live on nuts in general. Since I am so severely allergic to peanuts the doctor suggested I probably stay away from all nuts as they are all packaged in the same place and it's probably not worth the risk and with me being death afraid of ever having to stab myself with an EpiPen following having to call 911 for an ambulance I think I'll take his advice. 

So here's goodbye to all my favorite candy bars...aka any candy worth eating in my opinion

Goodbye to eating out as much because there is a lot of risk in that as well. Namely this beloved place because of all the peanuts laying around.

Goodbye to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on pancakes, chex muddy buddies, nutter butter milkshakes, peanut butter in general and all the other things I haven't thought about yet.


  1. So how did this allergy come on? I have really only heard about it in kids and they usually grow out of it. Good luck with it all!!!

  2. Dang! That really stinks so sorry. Allergies are a pain and simply no fun.


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