Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Can't Stay Away

Unfortunately it's not from these delicious Chocolate protein peanut butter balls...

which I quickly learned they are something I should stay FAR away from after eating one of these landed me back in a hospital gown, an IV stuck in my arm and in the ER.

Upon eating one of these yesterday my whole mouth started to tingle and my tongue and throat started to get bumps all over it. Until now I have never had an allergic reaction to anything except for when I was in the hospital so I wasn't really sure what was going on or what to expect. To be safe Eric ran to the neighbors and got some Benoydril. Even after taking two pills my whole body started to itch and tingle and I was burning up. At this point we decided to get to the hospital. On the way my tongue started to swell along with my whole face. I could hardly move my fingers and my arms, back and face were starting to get bumps all over it.

So after getting pumped with some more drugs medications, Eric and I got to spend some quality time in an ER room for the next 4 hours watching Dancing with the Stars while they checked to see if any more signs of the allergic reaction would appear. How romantic...right?!

Since the doctor said this was a pretty serious allergic reaction I now get to carry around one of these lovely things...

On a lighter note...we still haven't been able to figure out who Livy looks more like yet and if she looks like Mia. There are times when she looks a lot like Mia and other times when she doesn't. So here are newborn pictures of both Mia and Livy. What do you think?

Mia had to lay down next to Livy for a picture. She has become quite the little helper with Livy all of the sudden. At the last feeding time she had to climb on my lap and feed her baby too while I fed Livy.


  1. Oh no....what were you allergic too? The peanuts? Or? I think Mia looks more like Eric and Livy will look more like you. What adorable daughters you have. So glad you are back home...once again!

    1. I'm not sure yet. I've never been allergic to peanuts before, but we were wondering if something like that could be transferred through blood transfusions. It could have been the protein powder too though.

  2. You need a break from hospitals for like the next 5 years! I think she looks a lot like Mia. Both darling girls :)

  3. Man, you look great! Scary reaction!! Hang in there. Livy is so precious!!

  4. That's crazy! So scary too! Isn't there some kind of test they can do to determine your allergies? I'd definitely want to do that before giving up all peanut products!


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