Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

I just spent the morning scheduling out my summer week by week to insure that I accomplish all the thing I need to get done around all the things we already have planned. Two of the main things include finishing my online classes which of course I've put off until now and the second is working on a big project that I'm doing with my sister and sister-in-law that we will be announcing in June! Looking at my calendar I have come to the conclusion that it is going to be a busy summer. But one I hope that's not missing all the fun, summer activities we can start doing with the warm weather!

So before all this craziness starts (because I keep convincing myself that it hasn't even though it seems like we always have lots going on) we decided to spend an enjoyable weekend in Ely with my family for Memorial Day and enjoyable it was!

We hadn't been home since Christmas which for us is a record not to mention there was still a lot of my family who hadn't had the chance to see Livy yet. The girls did awesome on both the drive there and back making us happy parents as well as giving Eric and I the chance to talk. Something I have always loved about traveling since some of our best conversations have been on the open road.

As for our actual destination there has always been something about being surrounded by family as well as the constant thread of people coming and going from the house that makes being home so enjoyable to me even if it gets a little crazy sometimes. I also love getting to bring my kids home to where I grew up. This trip I enjoyed watching Mia happily play outside in the backyard where my sister and I spent a lot of our time growing up in the summers.

As for the rest of us, Eric got his much needed out and went golfing and fishing with my brother-in-law, we both got to sleep all through the night since my parents (who are saints!) got up with Livy the nights we were home, I got to have lots of "girl" talk between my mom and sister, Mia got to have some great bonding time with her cousin Addi and Livy pretty much slept the entire weekend. To sum it all was a great trip! And I actually got a few pictures this time.

Addi and Mia had a great time playing together, especially since Addi was so tolerant of Mia's constant hugs and kisses and playful tackles. 

Isn't Addie the cutest little 1 year old?! I just can't get enough of all her cute faces she is constantly making and those chubby cheeks!

Now for another fun weekend ahead! This doesn't include my appointment with the allergist tomorrow morning. The fun begins with lots of family coming in for Livy's baby blessing on Sunday. I even got ambitious and made Livy and Mia matching dresses for the blessing. Oh the fun of having two little girls! Pictures to come!

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  1. Hanna may I just say you rock! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Family is the best.


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