Friday, May 24, 2013

If you Just Smile

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This week has had some highs and some lows. The highs...finally getting to have a date night with the hubby! We went and just hit some golf balls (I think I missed more then I hit) and then had some dessert. It was SO nice to get out just the two of us, enjoy the nice weather and talk. Some other highs were that I was quite productive this week around the house compared to the past weeks, I got to do a little shopping and grab some yummy dinner with my twin sister, I got to do some much loved reading, and we are going home for Memorial weekend to spend some time with the family!

The lows...I got my first medical bill and it wasn't pretty and that was just first of many to come! Oh how I dread getting the rest of them and most likely being on the phone with the insurance all summer. Another low was while Eric and I were watching the Office (we decided to watch all the seasons over) there was a part were Angela buys Dwight a Baby Ruth candy bar. This made us both really want one and luckily I had just discovered one in the kitchen a few days ago! As we were about to open it we realized it had peanuts in it :( It was a sad moment to realize I could possibly never have a Baby Ruth or Payday again! Also I was extremely irritable and grumpy the last couple of days. I had no reason to be, but I would just wake up feeling that way. This equated into constantly loosing my patience with Mia and sometimes my shame it wasn't my best moments as mother or a wife.

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On top of my bad mood, Eric informed me that his work finally put him on another project which will have him traveling every week. At the sound of this I wanted to just cry at the thought of again making the adjustment to handling things on my own during the weekdays with two small girls and not seeing Eric as much. In my self pity, I said a simple prayer in my heart asking the Lord to help me be strong and find a way to be happy regardless the situation. I suddenly got the idea that I should smile. So at 11 PM at night as I was sitting there by myself rocking Livy I started to smile and didn't stop until she fell asleep. My bad mood finally seemed to disappear and I felt happy...about everything. I once again felt strong and ready to take on the challenge of having a husband that travels while still having a close relationship with him and our family as a whole. The lesson that I learn and something I am going to try to work on more is to smile more and be happy!

So on a happy note and another high of the week; one of my favorite etsy shops Livy Love Design is having a 50% off sale so I just had to share! Not only do I love the name ;) but I love all her fun graphic art prints. These prints make me happy and I kind of want them all!

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. What a great post. You know, I've felt the same way the last few weeks about being super grumpy. I've felt so badly for my kids and husband, they have put up with a lot of ornery moments from me. I needed this post. And seriously, it's hard being without our hubbies. It's okay to be sad about it. I'm going to try smiling more today!
    P.s. I kind of want all those prints too! Especially that sweet little vw bus one!


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