Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things #2

After yet another emotional break down (oh those hormones!) and being held and comforted by Eric, I started to think of some of my favorite things. While typing this post I realized that I did a similar post about the same time after Mia was born (HERE). I've decided that this is going to become a regular post to help me remember what some of my favorite things are. So here we go...

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. This sexy husband I am so blessed to call mine! He's been that shoulder to cry into, the one to put a smile on my face and make me laugh and has been stuck in a house with 3 crying girls for the last week and a half without bolting out the door! What a trooper he has been! I love you Eric!

2. The other night I went into Mia's room to check on her before going to sleep. I ended up laying down next to her for awhile as I watched her sleep and she rolled over, opened her eyes to look at me and smiled and then went right back to sleep. How I love that little sweetheart!

3. Normally I don't like being awake in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping and I'm sure I'll have nights when I don't enjoy waking up with a baby, but last night I couldn't have been happier rocking little Livy while listing to her suck down a bottle as loud as possible in our still, clean house while everyone else slept.

4. Seeing Mia being such a sweet big sister to Livy. She now loves to give her kisses and hugs.

5. For the tender mercies from the Lord. He has blessed our little family in so many ways and through so many people that my heart is overfilled with gratitude for my wonderful life and to be able to know what true happiness is.

6. This book I made from my blog that came in the mail last week!

As I've said before I started this blog more for a journal and to keep family and friends updated. I wanted a way to have a hard copy of everything I had documented about our family so I started to look for the easiest solution to do that. The! You can import your blog posts directly into the Blurb booksmart program and it will automatically create your book with your posts and pictures from your blog. Then I just went through and did some minor editing to make it look how I wanted. Once I ordered it the book was at my door in less than a week! I will definitely be doing more of these! If you are interest here is a little discount you can use.

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  1. I DEFINITELY need to print a blog book. Well, books. You're doing an awesome job Hanna! What a great mom your beautiful girls have. I am glad you have an awesome hubby too! Happy Mothers Day!


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